Pampering Your Ferret With Toys | Toys

Other than sleeping, the next hobby ferrets enjoy most is playing. Ferrets are adorable and active pets that have a love for entertainment. If you want to cheer your ferret up and make it happy, you can furnish it with a range of toys for it to frolic with. However, do know that one of ferrets’ favorite games is to hide things. If you are missing a toy, always look out for hiding places.Toys allow you to interact and play with your ferret, which is one of the greatest joys of owning a ferret. Supplying your ferret with toys also allows you to take some time off entertaining your beloved pet. Ferrets can amuse themselves with the toys, giving you a break when you need to. Different ferrets have different preferences for toys, and that is highly dependent on their personality. It takes a lot of experimenting and matching before you can find a toy that your ferret likes. A cheap alternative is homemade toys; sometimes your ferret may prefer socks and tennis balls to a fanciful, expensive toy.

It is imperative that you check your toys for small, detachable parts. Ferrets have a habit of chewing on things, so make sure that you only provide them with durable toys. Your ferret may ingest these small parts should they come off. Be sure to check both purchased and homemade toys for these potential hazards. Plastic objects are not advised as a choice of toys as they can cause choking or intestinal blockages if your ferret were to chew on it.Purpose made ferret toys are readily available in the market, but household items can suffice as toys too. If you have old and used baby toys, they can double up as toys for your ferrets as well. Ferrets favor noise makers and moveable objects such as balls because they can entertain themselves as they roll around with these toys.Ferrets are explorative by nature and thus they have an affinity for tubes and tunnels. You don’t have to fork out money to purchase expensive tunnels; you can make prototypes out of household materials such as cardboard tubes, boxes and even large soda bottles. Be sure to supervise your ferret while it is maneuvering around these tunnels to ensure that it doesn’t bruise itself. Hammocks and bedding are also potential toys for your ferrets; they love to dig and burrow into it.

There are many toy stores and websites that offer a range of ferret toys and the prices of which range from a couple of dollars to some tens of dollars. The advantage of these specialty toys is that they are checked for quality and are definitely safe for your ferret. However, depending on the personality of your ferret, it may or may not like these expensive toys. It may actually prefer a simple one such as an old sock or tennis ball as a toy.Toys can prove to be as much fun for you as the ferret, and choosing or making new toys for your ferret can help perpetuate the excitement of owning a ferret. When selecting a new toy, experiment with different varieties and take of your ferret’s personality and personal preferences. Also, homemade toys can be as much fun as expensive toys.